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Elénac: The Parisian Canelé:

Native of the Bordeaux region but Parisian by heart, Marie Jevakhoff works and sublimates the canelé for the greatest happiness of the inhabitants of the capital. Classic or revisited, Marie offers a wide range of recipes of original canelés : salty, sweet, or even vegan, Marie has more than one canelé in her bag ! The history of canelé begins in Bordeaux in the sixteenth century and continues to rise until the 80’s when it becomes the iconic pastry of the region and a sweet delicacy essential to French cuisine. Find all the flavors of Marie’s canelé on her website!
Baobab is partner of Elénac for any specific request, to make you discover the products of Marie on your events or even workshops with a chef dispatched for the occasion.
A bit of Bordeaux in Paris, it is possible thanks to the know-how of the house Elénac!

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