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Chef Ishino: traditional Japanese cuisine

Passionate about cooking since his childhood, the Japanese chef Hideyuki Ishino is from Tokyo, the Japanese capital. But it was when he arrived in Paris in 1999 that he discovered and developed an increased interest in French gastronomy.
Traditional Japanese cuisine is not known to Parisians, so he decides on everything
flatten to popularize the gastronomy of his native country and associate it with French know-how with chefs. After deepening his knowledge of Japanese cuisine, including working within the group Issé specializes in Japanese food, he connects the culinary experiences behind the furnaces of various 5-star hotels: Hotel Pan Deï Palais, Aman le Melezin and the Hotel of Paris Saint-Tropez.
It is in the latter that he joined the restaurant brigade in 2013 and then became
the sushi master of the establishment.
Today, Japanese cuisine has no secrets for Chef Ishino, who
master his art to perfection.
At your dedicated events, Chef Ishino is our preferred partner for any traditional Japanese dish.

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